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Train the Trainer

This Train-The-Trainer course will provide you the skills to help them deliver engaging and compelling workshops. Whether you are preparing to be a professional trainer, or you are someone who leads training as a part of your job, this course is for you. Training, at is core, is the process of enhancing your participants’ skills, knowledge, and other attributes. Many people have no idea how much work goes into advancing someone else’s capability. This course will hit all the basics you need to design and deliver effective training programs. The workshop will address such topics as: Understanding Training and Facilitation, Gathering Materials, Creating an Outline, Choosing Activities, Preparing for the Actual Workshop, Getting off on the Right Foot, Delivery Tips and Tricks, Keeping it Interactive, Dealing with Difficult Participants and Tackling Tough Topics. This course pairs nicely with the Presentation Skills course.  Both are recommended, as they go hand in hand.