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Returning Users:

NOTE: For returning users, once again, important that you use the same email on Shopify and the LMS website. 

  1. As you know, once you purchase your new courses on Shopify, you will receive a confirmation email and also be redirected to the LMS website from Shopify. 
  2. Once you are on the LMS website, use your same email address and previous password to access your account. Your new courses will be available under your current account. 

Trouble Accessing Courses:

If you have trouble accessing your courses there could be a few different issues going on, we kindly ask that you follow this guide to troubleshoot your issues. It may take a few steps to find the source of the problem.  Then, If you have questions regarding the process, or if this guide does not address your issue PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US AT:

  • “I purchased a course, but I cannot access it”
      1. If you purchased a course but cannot access it, first check to make sure you are on the LMS website and not on Shopify. The LMS website is Leadership and Vision LMS - Log In (
      2. Make sure you are using the same email address to create, or login to your account that you used on Shopify to purchase the courses.

  • “I do not see my confirmation email”
      1. If you do not see a confirmation email, check your spam or junk folder
      2. Also make sure that you are using the same email account that you used on Shopify to purchase the courses.
      3. If you followed these steps and are still not seeing your course, please reach out to us at

  • “Where can I find the courses, I already completed?”
      1. Once a course is completed, it moves down to the completed section
      2. Click to view more completed activities
      3. Click on completed activities to view its contents
        1. Launch the course (if attempt limits have not yet been reached)
        2. Review results by clicking on Attempts history

    Additional Tips:

    Tips for Using the Learning Management System

    • Bookmark your login page before entering your credentials.
      If you are asked to enter a 'client ID' on the login screen, you entered a wrong login URL (or bookmarked the site while logged in). You may have an LMS email in your inbox with a link that you can use to access the correct login page.

    • It is recommended that you use the navigation tools offered within the LMS and course interface rather than your browser's navigation buttons.

    • You can only have one course active at a time; if you open additional courses in a new window, tab or device the previous course session will be de-activated.

    Trying to resolve the problem – Your quick fix:

    If the system is not behaving as you expect it to, try one or all of the following:

    • Try using a different browser. Our supported browsers include IE 11, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Earlier versions of IE may work with the LMS, but are not supported.
    • Close all tabs and restart your browser.
    • Clear your browser's temporary files/cache and delete all cookies for the domain of the site you are accessing, then exit and restart the browser.
    • Restart your computer or device.
    • Update your browser version and/or operating system (install any pending iOS or Windows updates).

    If you cannot resolve the problem, contact support. Be prepared to provide them with the information they need to help them resolve your problem.

    Before Contacting technical support

    To help resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please record and share all of the following information with support:

    • What you were doing before the error occurred, including the learning activity you were working with
    • Your username,
    • The URL of your login page / name of LMS site / organization
    • The date and time of the error,
    • If you have experienced the error many times or if it has happened only once,
    • What you have done to try to resolve the issue yourself,
    • The type and version of your browser,
    • The operating system of the computer you are using,
    • If possible, a screenshot of the error condition or any error messages.

    Additional Support Links

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