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The Visioneer Vision Statement

We envision thriving organizations where each member has a place at the table and provides a meaningful contribution. We aim to distinguish individuals who choose to live each day with purpose and passion. With intention, we anticipate a global village where all live and work collaboratively upholding a vision of collective capacity and sustainable prosperity.

The Visioneer Mission Statement

We are a catalyst for positive change through dynamic coaching and training. You are enabled with tools and insight to be your best self, creating the foundation for engaging and satisfying work.

What Our Customers Say

I want to let you know that these online courses are fantastic. I took one course to spruce up on my skills before doing employee evaluations and was I ever glad I did! What a very useful tool evaluations can be and motivators for improvement if done properly! The other one I took was very helpful as we move more into the world of technology. Such a great way to get learning out and so convenient!

Sarah R. - USA

I am reaching out to let you know that I have taken 10 online classes and I LOVED them! I plan to take more. I also had my assistant sign up. We both liked the customer service one so much, we had our staff members take it as well. One of them said"it was great to think of things differently in that course". Great job with all of them and thank you so much for giving me a chance to further my education with these online courses.

Lisa K. - USA

These classes are great, this makes the process so much easier to be able to take them when I have time. I can’t say enough good things about it. I look forward to doing my next 8 classes over the summer.

Lee H. - USA

These On-Demand classes have been so helpful. As someone who can't always be away from the office to attend classes, it is a really convenient way to continue my professional development at my own pace. The content of the classes has been informative and they have made me feel more prepared for my career.

Chris D. - USA