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What do you want to Create?

Practically speaking, a vision is a guide for creating plans, setting goals and objectives, making decisions, and coordinating and evaluating what is next. A vision helps keep individuals and groups focused toward the future they are creating, not one given to them by someone or something else. We, at Visioneer Consulting and Learning, are catalyst for positive change through dynamic coaching and group learning experiences. Our goal is to enable you with tools and insight to be your best self, creating the foundation for engaging and satisfying work and a rich, vibrant life.

Our Visioneer Vision Statement

We envision thriving organizations where each member has a place at the table and provides a meaningful contribution. We aim to distinguish individuals who choose to live each day with purpose and passion. With intention, we anticipate a global village where all live and work collaboratively upholding a vision of collective capacity and sustainable prosperity. Personally, I enjoy development because I derive great satisfaction when I see the learner go from “Point A to Point B”. It has always been my motivation in this wonderful work. It gives me great pleasure to see learners become the best they can be and/or at least strive to be the best. It is even more rewarding when I am able to help someone get past personal roadblocks to moving ahead. Most times it is because they never had someone in their life to mentor them and tell them they can do it. Learning is much more emotional and psychological than it is cognitive. Almost all can learn, grow and develop with the right support. Be a part of our community! Whether that is virtually, in person or in spirit, we would love to have anyone who has a passion for creating and living a vision for a bright and beautiful future!

Sharing the journey with you,

Jim Ognibene, CEO/Founder






Jim has been deeply immersed in the field of Organizational and Talent Development for over two decades. He and his team have designed leadership development, team-building, change management and customer service programs while Jim has personally delivered over 1,300 professional development workshops over a twenty year period. He has grown tremendously through giving and receiving many one on one coaching and mentoring sessions.

He and his team designed and directed an eight-month Emerging Leader Program empowering high potential employees to develop new skills and competencies to build the next generation of leaders. Jim served as project manager and facilitator of workplace engagement interventions during periods of hyper organizational change such as re-configured work processes and re-organizations. Sample workshop titles Jim has led: Leadership Excellence, Situational Leadership, Supervisory Skills, Negotiation Skills, Conflict Management, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Facilitating Meetings, Presentation Skills and Instructional Design.

His own professional development includes the following events, conferences and training programs: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualifying Program; Learning and Leadership Conference, Human Capital Institute; Appreciative Inquiry: Social Constructionism Conference, TAOS Institute; Project Management: Skills for Success, Learning Tree; Organizational Design and Analysis, Linkage; Exploring Leadership Conference, Training Officers Consortium; Consultraining: Trainer as Internal Consultant, American Management Association.