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Assigning Courses

Visioneer Academy

A Guide for Managers to Assign Courses to Others

REMINDER: Please use the same email address throughout this entire process

Note Please remember that the Shopify website and Learning Management System (LMS) are two different websites.

  1. First purchase your courses on the Shopify website, you can purchase multiple of the same course, or many different courses.

  2. Once you have made your purchase the Shopify website should redirect you to the LMS website. You should also be receiving an email from the LMS website. If you do not see the email check your junk or spam folder.

      3. If you are a first-time user, you will be prompted to create an account, USE THE         SAME EMAIL YOU USED TO PURCHASE THE COURSES. If you are a returning user, login using your prior credentials.

* Click “Get Started” to take the course yourself, or click “invite someone else” to invite an employee.

  1. Once you are on the LMS website you will see your purchased courses, located across from the course name you will see how many “seats” you have per course (if your purchased multiple of the same course you will have multiple seats to assign to employees.)

  1. Go to add participants then invite participant via email, enter in the employees email and click send.

  1. The employee will then receive and email prompting them to create and account, after which they will be able to access their course!